Internship (CRIMINAL JUSTICE track) at Wichita RRC

Application Type: CRIMINAL JUSTICE track - Internship - Wichita RRC
Location: Wichita -RRC
Employment Status: Part Time

Job Description

Mirror offers internships or practicum placements for persons seeking degrees in criminal justices type professions. We have Residential Re-Entry Centers that serve federal offenders in Topeka and Wichita. We would give consideration for placement to persons that are nearing degree completion, able to provide at least 200+ hours for their practicum placement and would be able and willing to become an employee at one of our two re-entry centers should they be qualified and a position be available.

  1. Interns must be enrolled in required intern or practicum course through a recognized institution of higher learning.
  2. Internships at Mirror are paid placements. Interns accepted for placement will typically be paid the prevailing federal minimum wage unless a different rate is authorized by the President/CEO.
  3. Interns shall not be allowed to work over 29 hours in any given work week.
  4. If an “internship agreement” does not already exist between the educational institution and Mirror then one shall be signed by the authorized parties. Mirror has had agreements from the following universities in the past: Washburn University, Kansas University, Wichita State University, Bethel College, etc… The President/CEO or his or her designee shall be the authorized party for Mirror.
  5. An internship (or field, practicum) placement agreement must be executed between the educational institution (the form is usually provided by the student or university’s assigned instructor) and the prevention, health home, treatment or re-entry site. These signed placement agreements shall be executed by the student and the on-site supervisor and the signed copy will then be given to HR or scanned into Tier personnel folder.
  6. The on-site supervisor (usually a Director, Clinical Supervisor, Counselor, Case Manager, Social Services Coordinator, Care Coordinator, etc…) shall be the final decision maker as to the possible acceptance of a prospective intern. All interns accepted for placement shall be approved by the Vice-President in charge of that program or service. HR may make a referral for an intern placement but the on-site supervisor may accept or reject the placement. On-site supervisors shall also conduct reference checks (2 or 3 are fine) on prospective interns. Like other Mirror employees, the intern shall be required to pass the required background and child and adult abuse checks.

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