New arrivals

What a resident can expect during their assignment to our RRC settings

The Federal Bureau of Prisons or U.S. Probation Office staff arrange for the date and time a new resident will arrive at Mirror. BOP transfers will typically arrive at the local bus station and take a taxi to the RRC. If personal transportation is arranged and approved by the BOP, the resident is expected to follow the itinerary as developed by the BOP without deviation. Any deviation from the approved itinerary will be reported to the BOP and is subject to disciplinary action to include an immediate return to custody.

New arrivals are expected to complete an intake upon arrival. The intake consists of:

  • Collection of a large amount of information about the resident
  • Inventory of personal property
  • Surrender of medications
  • Orientation to the facility and assignment of a bed and storage space

Should the new resident have an excess of personal property, staff will store the excess in a secure area. Mirror does not permit food items in the living areas – a storage locker will be assigned to the new arrival to store these items.

The RRC allows certain cell phones which must be approved by staff. Computer access is available to RRC residents consistent with court orders or limits established by staff from the facility and the referral source. Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters can be approved by the RRC consistent with limitations imposed by the referral source. A resident must have a state-approved license, insurance and a valid bill of sale or notarized user agreement to operate or park a vehicle at the RRC.

Health care for BOP residents is provided by the BOP and arranged by Mirror staff. Staff work to ensure USPO cases find access to health care in the community based on the financial resources of the resident.

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