On February 22nd, Burrton’s Youth as Resources invited all middle school and high school students to their first “Live Above the Influence Event”.  YAR members Lexi Lane and Kyler Matlock kicked off the assembly by “breaking the chains of addiction”, pulling apart a paper chain signed by each student and symbolizing their intentions to prevent substance abuse in their school and community.  Guest speaker Dustin Galyon followed,  connecting with the youth in a powerful way, sharing personal stories that demonstrated the impact we can have on others and our own lives by the choices we make every day.  Dustin urged the youth to bring their best every day and to every situation.  Following the assembly there was a lot of excitement in the air, one student commented “Man that was great!  He said so many things that we can all take to heart and think about.” YAR youth are working on a follow up project that will keep the positive message alive and help their peers experience the power of good choices.

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