Mirror Inc. has expanded its Topeka operations with the purchase of the building at 1401 SW Topeka Boulevard.
Mirror will use the new site to relocate the outpatient services arm of its existing Topeka campus. Two more staffers will also be hired.
CEO Barth Hague says the building was needed to accommodate the growth of outpatient services in Topeka. According to Hague, these programs are no longer sustainable on the existing campus, which houses Mirror’s residential and re-entry programs for those who have been in correctional facilities.
Hague says the expansion into this second Topeka location may be an important step for the organization’s move toward more direct substance abuse services in partnership with employers.
Hague says that Mirror’s growth into contracts with employers will also benefit Mirror’s other local operations.
Mirror, which employs about 50 people in the Wichita area and 170 across the organization, relies heavily on state and federal contracts.
The nonprofit operates 10 outpatient locations, four residential programs and three re-entry programs.

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