On April 26th, Peabody High School’s newly formed Youth as Resources program (YAR) sponsored a Family Fun Night for all middle school students and their parents.  YAR members Chance Elliott, Paige Murray,  Kallie Hutchison, Precious Kerr, Bryant Young, and Breanna Lett shared about the dangers of Marijuana, and encouraged the Middle School students to join the campaign of getting a “Natural High” through activities that bring them happiness and joy. Videos of celebrities were shown highlighting their “Natural High” and sharing that drugs will steal your dreams and future.

After the presentation the youth and parents headed to the gym for a game of dodge ball with parents against the students, 3-legged races and a hula hoop relay.   The evening ended with dessert and students were given information on “Discovering your Natural High”, and wristbands with a powerful message designed by the youth.  Students were encouraged to wear their bands and influence others to stay “Above the Influence”!  Mirror provided information on “How to talk to your kids about drugs” and parents were encouraged to talk to their students about the dangers of drug use. More than 75 people attended.


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