Local Hesston High School graphic design students created a total of 12 drug and alcohol prevention posters to increase awareness to the effects of substance abuse. Design student Peyton Lewis said his poster on drunk and drugged driving hit close to home. “My uncle was killed in a drunk driving accident before I was born. It’s a missing piece of our family. When I heard what this project was about, that was one of my ideas. I went for a more straight-on approach. This is what is looks like; I didn’t sugar coat what the crash would look like.” he said.


Poster by Design Student Peyton Lewis 

The posters are a small part of a larger effort of local Youth as Resources members to decrease substance abuse amongst youth. Local YAR Members plan to display the posters at their local schools (including Newton, Burrton, Sedgwick, Halstead, Peabody and Hesston).

To recognize the students efforts, a contest was held via Facebook to see which poster would receive the most “Likes.” Will Rizza, a Junior at Hesston High School won the contest with his poster “The Most Important Race of your Life Don’t Let Drugs Win.” For winning the contest, Rizza was awarded a 2 month membership donated by the Newton YMCA. Teacher Mrs. Hageman applauded the youth for their efforts and creativity. “It’s great to see the youth building their skills and making a difference in a meaningful way.”

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