Mirror, Inc. supports the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) law mandating that each agency adopt a “Zero Tolerance” policy for all forms of offender sexual abuse and harassment. Prevention of offender sexual and harassment is a top priority. Learn more:

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

PREA: What Is It?

In September of 2003, the Prison Rape Elimination Act was signed into law and became the first federal law to address the sexual abuse and harassment of individuals on community confinement. The law mandates that each agency adopt a “Zero Tolerance” policy for all forms of offender sexual abuse and harassment. Prevention of offender sexual and harassment is a top priority.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Every individual has the right to be free from sexual abuse and harassment. In accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, Mirror Inc has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of offender sexual abuse and harassment.

When sexual contact is accomplished through fear, threat or implied threat, it is considered sexual abuse. Staff-on-Offender sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. It is against state law for a staff member, contractor or volunteer, to engage in any type of sexual behavior with an offender. Mirror has taken various steps to stop sexual abuse and harassment, including increasing the number of security cameras, providing the offender population with multiple ways to report offender sexual abuse, training our staff to recognize the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, and educating the offender population on how to avoid and report sexual abuse.

Reporting Offender Sexual Abuse or Harassment

The Mirror Inc takes the safety of incarcerated offenders very seriously and ensures that everyone that lives or works within our agency understands the signs and symptoms of offender sexual abuse and how to report allegations of abuse.

How do I get help?

If this should ever happen to you or someone else, even if it happened prior to arriving here (prison, jail etc.), you can report sexual abuse and sexual harassment privately and in several ways: verbally, in writing, anonymously, and from third parties. All allegations of sexual abuse will be referred for investigation to the appropriate agency.

  • Making a written report or verbal report to any Mirror employee
  • Contact a 24-hour Crisis Hotline 888-822-2983  at any time
  • Making a report to the Executive Director in person or by mail, email, or phone:
    • Mary Handley, 2201 SE 25th, Topeka KS 785-783-3274
  • Contact the BOP RRM, Melissa Acevedo at 913-551-1113
  • Make a written report to:
    • Office of the Inspector General, US Department of Justice Investigations Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Room 4706 Washington DC 20530
  • Contact the police.

Third Party Involvement

Third Party Involvement allows fellow offenders, staff members, family members, attorneys, and outside advocates, to assist an offender in filing requests for administrative remedies relation to allegations of sexual abuse, and shall also be permitted to file such requests on behalf of offenders.

Friends and Family

Friends and family of offenders incarcerated with the Agency may report offender sexual abuse and harassment by:

  • Calling: Melissa Goodman: 785-783-3274
  • Writing: Attn: Melissa Goodman, Mirror Inc., 2201 SE 25th, Topeka, KS, 66605
  • Emailing:

When reporting offender sexual abuse or harassment, you will be asked to provide information that will assist in the investigation such as the offender’s name and offender’s number, the program where the alleged incident occurred, time and date of the incident, as well as a brief summary of the allegation.

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