As a leader in the delivery of addiction treatment, Mirror provides a variety of treatment programs, but many people don’t know about our services for women with children.

Many women forego treatment for themselves because they have no options for childcare. At Mirror, we believe that should never be an obstacle. We offer residential treatment programs with licensed childcare for women with children, regardless of income. Our program allows mothers to go about their recovery with the peace of mind that their children are well cared for nearby. They can have lunch with them and spend their free time with them.

“At Mirror, we want to help in any way we are able,” said Barth Hague, Mirror President and CEO. “We want to provide these women the greatest opportunity for success. But a lot of women don’t even know this program exists.”

Mirror also helps mothers sign up for services through WIC, if needed, as well as making sure the child has all of the necessary immunizations. We’ll help get them enrolled in school and even bus them to and from the residence.

For more information about our services for women with children, contact Mirror at 316-283-7829.

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