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STAND offers high school students from all backgrounds the opportunity to be active participants in their communities and schools to create positive change. Youth gain valuable leadership skills, are empowered to design service projects that meet a community need, network with community leaders, and carry out peer to peer prevention/education messages as well as positive social norms campaigns. Each leader involved with STAND becomes a positive social influence by promoting healthy decision making, connection, and trust among their peer groups, creating a positive culture.


STAND members:

  • Prevent substance abuse in their school through youth-led social norm campaigns.
  • Deliver peer-to-peer prevention education to local middle school students.
  • Disseminate drug and alcohol information to parents.
  • Collaborate on service projects.
  • Network with local and state leaders, building communication skills.
  • Serve on their local Harvey County D-FY coalition.
  • Attend leadership conferences.
  • Host family nights to educate parents and youth on dangers of drugs and alcohol.
  • And much more!


There are currently six STAND teams in Hesston, Halstead, Burrton, Sedgwick, Peabody and Newton.  Each STAND team has several representatives from their town that sit on the STAND board. The STAND board is selected through interview process and they are provided additional opportunities to attend leadership trainings, network with community leaders, carry out special projects, act as the face of STAND, and represent their town during bi-monthly meetings.


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