Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Services: Matching passion, caring, and science

We’ve thought this all through.

Mirror offers a comprehensive continuum of care for those seeking assistance with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Through our assessment and evaluation process, our clinical staff can determine the need for services and the level of care best suited for each person.

For those who have functioning support in the community, primary treatment can sometimes be achieved through outpatient programs that allow clients to live on their own while in the program.

However, sometimes the only way to break the cycle of addiction is to enter a structured program where the person can devote their full attention to learning the skills they need to succeed. For these clients, Mirror offers 24-hour Intermediate Residential Treatment.

Our Reintegration program helps clients successfully re-enter society through a structured program that reinforces self-regulation and behavior conducive to recovery.

The Mirror Aftercare program is for people who have already completed residential or outpatient addiction treatment.

The Mirror Work for Success Program features the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Curriculum designed to inspire our participants to realize their dreams and achieve self-sufficiency by providing hope, resources, and a plan.

We also deliver training, consultation and guidance to families and communities interested in prevention programs. Specialized services, including residential services and substance misuse treatment, are also provided for the United States Bureau of Prisons to assist in successful re-entry following incarceration.

Our ever-present, never-changing values

We believe everyone is capable of change. That includes you, or the person you’re dealing with.

We can’t force anyone to change — that path can only lead to compliance, not change. Change comes from within. We help you succeed by helping meet your multiple needs, including legal, medical, transportation and childcare. We work diligently with you to help increase your motivation for recovery. Practice is central to our treatment approach. People learn more from what they do than from what they say. Helping you maximize your strengths builds your foundation for change.

Our Personal Approach

At Mirror, the person who joins a treatment program is the person who’ll determine which behaviors to address. We help to create a program that offers the greatest opportunity for success, through skill development that focuses on strengths and provides the tools for change.

Whether you are working one-on-one with a counselor, attending group sessions or discussing your goals with a support group, you will find the Mirror approach results in positive change.


Intermediate Residential Care

If you or your loved one has experienced a cycle of addiction you seem unable to break, our intermediate residential program may be the answer. Our 24-hour care is designed to help you become sober and achieve a level of stability before you return to the real world. In this program you will receive the tools needed to manage your life — physically, mentally, and behaviorally. We help you plan ways to prevent a relapse and prepare for the high-risk situations that could challenge your recovery. When you are truly ready to seek a lifestyle of recovery, this intensive program introduces you to a structured recovery environment to help you accomplish your goals. WHAT TO EXPECT

Outpatient Services

For those who have functioning support in the community, primary treatment can often be achieved through an outpatient setting, allowing you to live on your own while in the program. Through individual and group therapy, our clients attend treatment sessions on a regular basis for a prescribed period through one of our conveniently located outpatient offices. Services can also be received in an intensive outpatient format, depending upon each individual’s unique needs.


Our Reintegration program provides 24-hour, residential living and helps clients successfully re-enter society through a structured program that helps reinforce self-regulation and behavior conducive to recovery. Clients learn about some basic living skills, including accessing information about employment, budgeting and mental and physical health treatment. WHAT TO EXPECT


Our Aftercare program is designed to provide counseling on an on-going basis for clients who have already completed treatment in either a residential or intensive outpatient addiction treatment. This program helps people gradually ease back into their everyday lives without feeling out of control or falling back into destructive habits. It gives clients a chance to do any extra work on themselves or their recovery that was left unfinished by primary treatment.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors are staff members who are in long-term recovery who have been trained in providing on-going support to clients and help to build recovery capacity for persons new to recovery by connecting them to naturally occurring resources in the community, assisting in reduction of barriers to fully engaging in recovery, and providing support in skill development for maintaining a recovery lifestyle. They help the client gain access to housing, education, mental health, vocational, physical health and community support groups, etc.

Alcohol and Drug Information School (DUI)

For clients who are facing a court-ordered educational requirement following a DUI, and for others who need such help, Mirror offers Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS). This 8-hour class covers topics like alcohol and drunk driving, other illicit drugs, one’s physical response to drug use and addiction. Classes are available through various Mirror facilities for a nominal fee. Call Mirror today to enroll.


The first step in receiving services is to complete an assessment. Assessments can be conducted by any of our offices. The results of the assessment will tell us the severity of the substance use problem and the best program in which to treat it. You can call any of our offices to set up an appointment to have an assessment completed.  Clients with medical problems or disabilities must be medically stable, have no requirements for special nursing intervention and be able to participate in treatment programming with reasonable accommodation. Interpretation services are available for those clients who are deaf or non-English speaking but will require coordination in advance so that arrangements can be made.  


Mirror is able to serve you if you have insurance or the ability to pay for your treatment services. If you cannot afford treatment, we will do everything we can to help. The State of Kansas has funds that can be used to pay for services for those that qualify and who meet the eligibility criteria. A determination can be made at the time of your assessment if you bring proof of income and residency as well as a photo ID. Kansas’s Medicaid program, called Kancare, will also pay for services, but must be pre-approved. Pre-approval is handled by our staff. For individuals needing assistance with billing questions, please feel free to contact us via email or by phone directly.

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