A young lady came to Mirror Residential in Newton. She is a type II diabetic and she did not have insurance or medications. Her medications are expensive and Mirror was not able to pay for them for her. We had contacted Health Ministries to see if they could help and they did not have any appointments until the next week. This would not work for our client as she needed her medication now and could not wait.

Mirror was not able to meet her medical needs and we were talking about unsuccessfully discharging her. We decided to call back and plead her situation with Health Ministries and, thankfully, we were able to get her in that day. Mirror staff transported her to Health Ministries to get an appointment card. We took the appointment card to the Salvation Army to get a voucher to pay for it. She was then taken back to Health Ministries for her appointment. And she was able to get the medications she needed from Health Ministries.

This young lady excelled in our program. She finished intermediate treatment and then went on to reintegration where she was also successful. She left here and moved out of state to be with her family. Had Mirror staff not made the extra effort, she never would have had the opportunity to be in our program because she would have been medically discharged due to her health reasons.

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