At Mirror, we believe in two essential truths that influence our approach.

We’ve faced our truth.
More than four decades of helping people with addictions has driven home one cold, brutally real fact: You cannot force someone to change. You can force compliance, but change comes from within. Compliance may be easier to achieve than change, but it doesn’t last.

Now, face up to yours.
One other fact we’re absolutely sure of is that you are capable of change. No matter how tight a hold addiction has on you. You may not believe it yet, but if you’re here, reading this, we’re convinced we can help you face the truth of your life, and to move forward.

The same is true if someone you love or are caring for is struggling with addiction. Mirror offers change-based help that can change everything.


Everyone is different, so we tailor a program to meet the multiple needs of each individual in order to maximize the chances of success. We look at every obstacle that could stand between the person and their freedom from addiction – including legal situations, medical realities, transportation needs, childcare, and more.

Mirror works to give the people the tools, the understanding, and the power to make positive choices through a cognitive-based approach.



At Mirror, the person who joins a treatment program is the person who’ll determine which behaviors to address. We help to create a program that offers the greatest opportunity for success, through skill development that focuses on strengths and provides the tools for change.

Whether you are working one-on-one with a counselor, attending group sessions or discussing your goals with a support group, you will find the Mirror approach results in positive change.


The privacy and safety of our clients, both residential and outpatient, are of the utmost importance to Mirror. We work hard to ensure your health and safety when under our care. We understand and respect that the information we collect about you and your health is highly personal. As a user of our services, we want you to be clear on how we use the information we collect. For more information on what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it, please read our privacy policy.

Success Stories

A senior moment

A senior citizen in our Social Detox program said he wanted to leave and go back to his apartment across the street. We convinced him to stay for at least Intermediate care so we could try to help with the addiction to alcohol.

The extra effort

A young lady came to Mirror Residential in Newton. She is a type II diabetic and she did not have insurance or medications. Her medications are expensive and Mirror was not able to pay for them for her. We had contacted Health Ministries to see if they could help and they did not have any appointments until the next week.


Jack came in for his intake session still shaking and trembling from withdrawal from alcohol. He was barely able to sign his name and was tearful as he told his story. He told of how he had been sober for 4 years but had relapsed 2 years ago and was unable to stop drinking on his own. He had lost his job, home and his family and was on the verge of drinking himself to death.

Community Involvment

Mirror is very active in places like Sedgwick, Kingman, Harvey, Wyandotte and Johnson counties, providing various treatment and prevention progr...

Over the years, Mirror has helped communities like Hutchinson develop successful coalitions that can find solutions to the epidemic of drug use ...

Mirror is active in helping several communities combat substance abuse among youth populations. Our innovative Youth As Resources program provid...

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