About Residential Re-entry Services at Mirror

For nearly 50 years, Mirror has helped individuals reintegrate into their communities. Successful reintegration isn’t possible unless an individual learns the skills necessary to function in an adaptive and effective manner, and is surrounded by supportive family and significant others, employers, religious communities and social service agencies committed to their success. Mirror has developed a comprehensive network of support within communities throughout Kansas. We foster community integration through these partnerships in both urban and rural settings.

We take our job and mission seriously. Our professional staff live in the same neighborhoods as our residents, eat meals prepared by former residents and work to diminish or mitigate the cycle of incarceration. We base our programs on this philosophy: Change is difficult but not impossible; our residents CAN change; and collaboration and cognitive skills bring real results.

Our residents arrive with unique personal histories, strengths and needs. Our partnerships with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Federal District Courts in Kansas, and the Kansas United States Probation and Pre-Trial Services staff enables our staff to develop comprehensive program plans for our residents. On-going training is offered to all staff focusing on the importance of re-entry and underlying principles and practices of delivering evidenced-based strategies.

With a strong system of accountability, we focus on skill development, mentoring and providing opportunities for practicing these new skill sets for our residents. We reinforce positive behaviors and hold residents accountable to the rules of the program and the requirements of the federal prison system, courts and probation officers. The safety and security of our communities are critical to our mission.



In a Mirror residential re-entry center, you’ll find a number of programs designed to ensure successful reintegration into community and family life.


For New Arrivals

What a resident can expect during their assignment to our RRC settings.


Visiting a Resident

Our programs encourage family and members of the social support network to engage with the resident during their time in the RRC. Visiting within the RRC is available on a weekly basis and special visits can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Residents who show progress in addressing their program plan and maintaining accountability with the RRC can be granted social passes to community settings where the resident can re-connect with family and friends. Residents who have strong pro-social supports are more likely to achieve a successful reintegration into their communities and families.

Preventing Sexual Abuse and Harassment

Mirror’s policy meets the standards outlined by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Each resident receives a thorough intake and follow-up review concerning sexual abuse history, harassment, and victimization. This information guides decisions related to housing and programming. The agency and RRC have a zero tolerance policy concerning sexual abuse or contact with our staff. There is NEVER a time when sexual contact between a staff member and a resident is permitted or acceptable, even consensual relationships.
A resident, family member, or interested party who wishes to file a complaint can address their concerns to the program director, the Mirror President and CEO, the Federal Bureau of Prisons or United States Probation and Pre-trial Services (USPO) staff. This contact form can also be used to share issues and concerns – the Vice President for Community Integration will receive your message and will promptly respond to you.
Copies of our most recent PREA audits (Topeka | Wichita) are available for review. We conduct an annual review of our PREA policy and practices (2017 PREA Report | 2018 PREA Report | 2020 PREA Report) and arrange an external audit of our compliance with PREA standards every three years.


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